The Way We Work

Our method of Treatment

We provide unique treatment methods, integrating psychotherapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, energetic healing, and many other modalities for holistic health.

Our philosophy and how we work are provided on our website. Please read our Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Psychotherapy section to help you understand what we do.

What to expect in your initial session
(Please read before the initial visit)

In the initial session, we determine what type of treatment modalities are best for you.

In Holistic Medicine, we believe in treating more than symptoms. We would like to restore your health and balance by addressing the root cause of the problems.

It may take a detailed examination and an inquiry.

Please be advised we may ask many questions, such as:

  • Health history
  • Current medications and past
  • Diet and eating habits (past and present)
  • Exercise
  • Type of work you do
  • Type of activities you engage in, and postures associated with these activities
  • Stress level
  • Primary emotions
  • Childhood trauma, accidents, injury, emotional trauma
  • Chemicals you may be exposed to

This information tells us what your body and mind went through, and how it may have affected current conditions. It tells us about what type of illness you are susceptible to, and what you need to watch out for to prevent any illness or symptoms.

With all the information, we are able to give you more individualized and comprehensive treatment for you. We may give you posture correction, stretches, and exercises, nutritional recommendations, vitamins, and supplements, on top of acupuncture, psychotherapy, and herbs. These recommendations are to help you understand your symptoms, and what you can avoid for prevention, and what you can do to help your conditions.

It is for your information so that you can make an informed choice. We believe that knowledge is power. We would like our patients to be informed and take control of their health.

First time for acupuncture?

Clothing – Generally, comfortable loose clothing is recommended for acupuncture. We may needle your back, legs, knee area. Loose-fitting clothes give us the flexibility to accommodate the treatment without having to undress. We will give you a towel or gown if necessary. Please ask us.

Food in your stomach – It is not recommended to get acupuncture on an empty stomach. Acupuncture increases your blood circulation and may lower blood sugar. Occasionally, some patients feel lightheaded or dizzy during the treatment. You don’t need to be full, but not hungry.

No alcohol, recreational drugs – If you are under influence, please inform the practitioner. The chemicals change the way you experience acupuncture. So please let us know!