April is Alcohol Awareness Month!

Alcohol addiction & Dependency is very common across different culture, social class, and education level. It can affect all of us. Alcohol is a big part of our social life. However, if it goes beyond moderate drinking, it can cause severe emotional, financial, as well as relational damage.

Many people ask how much is normal drinking and how much is problem drinking.

Here is the low risk drinking

Here is a good place to check! https://www.rethinkingdrinking.niaaa.nih.gov/

Remember, one drink for women are not the same for men. If your weight is less than average, you need to consider the alcohol percentage on total blood volume  increases as your weight go down.

Please be informed and make a right choice for your body. If you are concerned about your family member’s intake, please use words carefully to approach this matter.

Happy Mother’s Day

  • To all the mothers,  and mothers to be and those who take care for others.

Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

I notice many of my clients start to express their feelings of emptiness during this season.

The expectation of “happy time” can cause feelings of isolation and awareness of connection.

It is OK not to feel joyous in this holiday season. No pressure to join the parade.

There are many ways to celebrate this season in your own unique way.

Here are some examples

1, Organize your room. Not the whole house. Just a room or one corner, or closet you don’t normally organize.

Organize, and get a sense of fulfillment. You may find some kind of goodies from your past, pictures, cards from your old friends or family, your own memo, which may bring smile to your face. Get a sense of control and accomplishments, and refresh your mood.

2, Buy something special for your self. if you don’t like the gift your friends or family buy you, get your own!!

You are the most special person in your life, celebrate it! Enjoy being me, and give yourself a gift. Give yourself permission to do something nice for yourself. Don’t forget yourself when you buy gifts for everyone else.

3, Remember the best time from this year. Pick the BEST five events or accomplishments happened this year. What are they? How did you make it happen? Who helped you? Take time to appreciate people who helped you, and celebrate your own accomplishments. It is important to take notice that each year bring something good and special!

4, Do something you don’t normally do. Go hiking, Enjoy nature, Take a surfing lesson. Something you always thought about, but you never took an action. If you have time at your hands, do something out of ordinary. It will make you feel like you are enjoying Holiday!

5 Lastly, Appreciate yourself for being unique and special! If you feel like you are unappreciated, recognize what you do to light up this world in your own unique way. Find goodness in your heart. Even though nobody appreciate you, you can appreciate yourself. I appreciate you reading this blog and being part of this universe. Thank you for being YOU!